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The attack occurred in the busy Greenwich Village district of New York, an area which had previously been considered a gay-friendly neighbourhood.

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The crowds of demonstrators met at the local Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center and marched to the spot where Carson was killed, shouting the words “We’re here! We’re queer!“and “Homophobia’s got to go”.

The victim’s aunt, who attended the rally, told reporters: “The family would like to have justice served, so that Mark’s death is not in vain”. She described her nephew as “a loving and caring person”.

The city’s first openly gay City Council speaker, Christine Quinn joined the demonstration, along with Edie Windsor who currently has a pivotal case to win the same rights for gay couples before the Supreme Court.

The events have been a shock to an area that was at the centre of the gay rights movement in 1969, when a police raid on a gay bar sparked the Stonewall riots

More recently, homophobic attacks have been on the rise and police have confirmed that bias-related crimes have risen to 22 so far this year, compared with 13 in the same period in 2012.

“Read more- Homophobic violence in Europe”: http://www.euronews.lan/2013/05/17/eu-poll-reveals-levels-of-violent-homophobia/
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Elsewhere in the world homophobic attacks have also been in the news: in the UK a gay couple who were beaten by a gang of youths have urged MPs to moderate their language when debating same-sex marriage. They are worried that opponents to the new marriage laws are legitimising homophobic attitudes.


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A Royal Charter is an official document granted by the Queen but not passed as a law through parliament. It is used for establishing significant organisations or bodies such as a university, charity or the BBC. As a charter is not passed through parliament, it is not technically ‘underpinned’ by any law. Also, a new clause says it can only be changed upon meeting certain requirements. In the case of the press regulation charter the clause can only be amended if two-thirds of the parliament agrees.

A tanácsadó népszerűtlen
In general, some major newspaper groups had wanted to form a new self-regulating system based on the findings of the Leveson inquiry. Although some, including the Times, the Financial Times and the Independent had expressed doubt over this proposal.

’Underpinned’ by law?
The use of a Royal Charter avoids the need for a statutory law to ‘underpin’ the new regulatory body and thus sidesteps a controversial ‘press law’. However some have argued that the Charter is, effectively, a type of statutory regulation because changing it would require a two-thirds ‘super-majority’ in Parliament.

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